Below is a non-exhaustive list of grant categories
that can be won by Sporting organisations.

Participation Equipment

Training equipment


Coach Education

Committee Education/Training

Child Safety Education

Community-type Education Training e.g. Mental Health, Nutrition, etc

Business/Strategic/Facility Plan

First Aid Training/Equipment

Venue improvements

Venue (Canteen) items

Venue (Clubroom) items

Facility improvements





Web Development and Upgrades


Crime Prevention

Promotional initiatives

Policy and Procedures

Generally, grants fund items or projects that provide participant/community benefits and / or improve an organisation. They are designed to help grow the organisation and provide more value to members and / or make the organisation more sustainable.

Core operational expenses such as salaries, rent and utility costs are typically not funded, unless they are part of a distinct project that will deliver community benefits. There is an expectation that participant registration costs cover these ongoing core costs. Grants fund items beyond these costs as mentioned above.

Grants are not designed to help a sporting organisation that is “short of cash”. At times they can help fund items that may have already been budgeted for by the organisation to be spent hence in a roundabout way they can assist with cash flow going forward.

Our grant writing success fees cannot usually be paid out of the grant funds received. We will let you know if ever otherwise.

Some larger facility improvement grants require strong support from your council, particularly if they are the owner of the property on which the facility improvements are to occur. The work required to obtain infrastructure funding is not necessarily just grant writing but also other work and strategies. We can guide or assist you in this regards. Please contact us for for further information.