Robert Palmaricciotti, B. Comm, ACA, MBA

Robert founded Grant Professionals a decade ago, after having spent his career in the Corporate World as a Senior or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Project Manager in many organisations and industries in Australia and internationally. His experience in grant writing, tenders, budgeting, project management and scheduling together with direct involvement in various community sporting organisations across a number of sports as a player, coach, volunteer, committee member (where he fully discovered the world of grants) and parent of 3 children who played and still play multiple sports, provided the background to allow Robert to launch the business to help sporting organisations grow. Robert also consults to various Sporting organisations and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Geelong Regional Football (Soccer) Committee, a “branch” of the State’s Sporting Authority, Football Victoria.

Stephen Scerri, MBA, GDBA (Business Strategy)

Steve joined Grant Professionals in early 2019 after having spent the better part of his career in various management roles in the Australian Telecommunications sector.  Steve’s management expertise in Business Planning, Operations and all facets of Product Management and Sales Support are complimentary and beneficial to the ongoing growth of Grant Professionals.  Steve is a qualified football (soccer) coach, having previously played both as a junior and as a senior at various levels and has supported his two children’s sporting pursuits.  Steve has also actively participated on not-for-profit club committees for over ten years as a volunteer, so is aware of the challenges sporting clubs face and is keen to help sporting organisations gain funding to deliver valuable outcomes for their communities.

Omee Garcia, BA Eng

Omee has been full-time with Grant Professionals since 2017, commencing as a part-time casual but quickly moving to full-time. Omee has proven herself to be a competent grant writer with excellent customer service and relationship skills. Omee has won hundreds of grants for sporting organisations across a number of sports. After graduating from university with a degree in English Studies in 2016, Omee worked as a content writer for a Marketing Company from 2016 to 2017 before starting at Grant Professionals full-time in 2017.

Dennis Smith

Dennis joined Grant Professionals in 2021 after spending many years on both sides of the grants’ fence – as an independent consultant applying and winning many grants for Community organisations and in Local Government managing Council grants’ programs as well as directly applying and winning grants for them.  He has a wide understanding of the sporting sector and what is required to win grants, ranging from small community grants to large facility grants. Dennis has hands-on experience within community sporting clubs having worked closely with many, as well as playing competitive Cricket, Aussie Rules Football, Basketball, Golf and Tennis.

Marian Dela Cruz, BS Dev. Com

Marian started with Grant Professionals in 2020 and has proven to be an excellent grant writer for small quick turnaround grants and at being hands-on while overseeing the entire and growing administrative area of our Organisation. Marian graduated from University with a degree in Developmental Communication in 2015 and has held a number of administrative roles, a number of which required business-type writing.

Romina Garcia, Dip Com Prog

Romina is our most recent team member, having started in late 2021. Romina is currently undergoing our usual training to get up to speed with winning grants for sporting organisations. At this point and given Romina’s previous wide experience, we’re certain it won’t be long before Romina becomes a competent independent grant writer. Romina has extensive experience in customer relations and customer management, having worked in the hospitality sector from 2015 to 2021. Romina graduated from university with a Diploma in Computer Programming.

David Clayton, B.AppSci Recreation Planning and Management, DipProjectManagement

David started with the Grants Professionals team in 2023 and is based in Adelaide. His personal sports interests got off to a shakey start with a shelf full of “participation” awards, eventually finding his sport “family” in martial arts nurtured by wonderful coaches and going on to coach and lead a branch.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the community sports and recreation sector as a Local Government recreation professional, board member of Parks and Leisure South Australia, and volunteer board member of a YMCA including 6 years as secretary, vice president and president. David has written business cases and applications for multi-million dollar local and regional sport facilities as well as administrating community sport capital works grants programs. He has a deep love for the work that volunteers do and just how influential community sporting organisations can be, especially for children.

John D’Arcy Evans, B.Business, ACA

John started with Grant Professionals in 2023. John has been a partner of an Accounting Firm for more than 20 years spending all his business life looking after the interests of small to medium sized businesses and their owners, writing countless business cases and tender documents during this time. John has a long association with the Camberwell Hockey Club as a player, committee member and now a parent. John has a passion for helping sporting clubs operate more efficiently in achieving their goals and has a general passion for all sports.

Joe Zilic

Josip (aka Joe) joined us in early 2023. He is a Football loving Geelong resident and been entrenched in the football circles of the Region since moving there in the mid-2000s. He is a passionate lover of almost any sport and particularly loves seeing local youth pushing new boundaries to achieve the best for themselves. He has held various executive roles within clubs, organisations and on the Geelong Regional Football Strategic Panel. He has an extensive coaching and leadership background, combined with over 20 years of collaborating with council, state and federal government members to successfully negotiate grants. Josip is an active member in the community always championing positive outcomes for improvements to facilities as well as mental and heart health initiatives which are central to the experiences he has had in life. Josip will be a valuable and influential support for our customers to bring their initiatives and strategy to life.

Psalm Gotera, BS Mech Eng

Psalm is our newest member having joined us in 2023. He is now becoming familiar with our processes to soon take on more grant writing responsibilities and better himself to be an excellent grant writer. Psalm has a degree in engineering and has had roles in various organisations and industries, thus bringing a unique blend of skills to our team.

Chiara Messina, BSW (Hons)

Chiara joined Grant Professionals in 2023, after having spent 9 years in social work and grant writing roles in human services organisations. Her background across the youth, disability, mental health and aged care sectors has given her a strong understanding of the good that can come out of grant funding, and how grants can benefit the most marginalised people in society. Chiara has many years of experience in circus arts and rock climbing, and she is passionate about bringing more grant funding to these alternative pursuits as well as to a broad range of sporting organisations

Mia Garcia

Mia is also a new team member having joined Grant Professionals in 2023. Mia is also now becoming familiar with our processes to soon take on more grant writing responsibilities and better herself as an excellent grant writer. Mia has a had a number of roles in various organisations and industries, thus bringing a blend of new skills to our team.

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