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We only charge if successful in winning grants on a customer’s behalf.

Our team of sports grant writers have a wealth of experience in community sport as participants, coaches and committee members, which we believe makes us the ideal partner to engage with for grant identification and writing services.

Who are we, why use us?

We are a grant writing and identification organisation specialising in the sporting sector. From the thousands of grants on offer throughout the year,  we identify and narrow these down to a short list of suitable sporting grants that are worth applying for Sporting Organisations. We then communicate these grants to eligible clients on our mailing list, which is free to join. When requested, we liaise with these sporting organisations to prepare high-quality grant applications to obtain funding for the many projects that sport grants fund. We also work with several LGAs (Councils) and supplier partners that specialise and service the sporting sector, to help organisations win grants and support the grant application with quotes and credibility.

With over a decade of experience having to date successfully applied for thousands of sporting club and other grants for 1,000+ sporting organisations  (clubs, leagues/associations and umpire/referee groups), across 38 sports, our team of grant writersunderstands what it takes to submit successful grant applications. Even then, not all applications are successful. It is a competitive process and grant providers do not always have sufficient funds to award all worthy applicants. If our application is unsuccessful, we obtain feedback from the grant provider and if appropriate re-apply in subsequent rounds.

There are no formal contracts to sign with us; we work on a grant-by-grant basis – it is quick and easy to engage us to win grants for your organisation. We work on a success fee basis, so sporting organisations can be guaranteed of being successful in attaining grant funding before they incur any costs for our grant writing services. In other words, we do not charge as most consultants do based on the time spent on a grant application. We wear the risk of an unsuccessful application and are incentivised to win the grant for the benefit of both of us.

Click here for more detail around what grants are,what sporting grants can fund, our process and testimonials from Sporting Organisations that have benefited from our services.

In summary, using us is simply outsourcing a valuable task to experienced individuals, thus spending your limited time focussing on the many other tasks needed to run a sports’ organisation (or with your family) – as well as achieving better results.


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The Benefits of Using Sports Grant Writers

Many people ask why they should use sports grant writers, particularly when local sporting organisations can apply directly for grants themselves. Well, there are a number of reasons that people choose to use our professional sports grant writers. The reality is, local sporting organisations thrive on the support of volunteers, and often, volunteers simply don’t have the time to put the required effort into grant applications (or more so can better use their times elsewhere).

Some grants require you to provide a lot of information, and typically they like to see grant applications written in a certain way. Our experts have extensive knowledge of these requirements, having successfully obtained over 3,000 grants for our customers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits you get by hiring sports grant writers.


Our sports grant writers understand local sport

When you’re looking for assistance preparing sports grant applications, unfortunately, many writers don’t really understand the complexities of the local sporting landscape. Having worked with and been involved in sporting organisations for decades, our sports grant writers have an in-depth knowledge of local sport.

Whether it’s a local cricket, footy, soccer or any other organisation that provides an outlet for the community, many of the issues are the same. Low participation rates, high cost of participation, lack of funding and outdated equipment. We’ve been there, and we know what you’re going through.


Reduce the endless search and efforts for fund raising

Fund raising is becoming more and more difficult. Chasing volunteers to help or attempting to attract sponsors is truly a thankless task for volunteers.

However, without some sort of additional funding, sports organisations often need to increase registration or membership fees, something that goes against their pursuit of higher participation rates. While sports grants aren’t intended to take the place of sponsorship and are usually acquired for certain needs such as equipment or facilities, an injection of funding can certainly take the pressure off your volunteers to achieve fund raising targets.


Take the pressure off your committee

Another great reason to use sports grant writers is the fact that we can take a lot of pressure away from your committee. Again, local sporting organisation committees are often a mixture of players and supporters, and everything they do is on a voluntary basis. When you think about everything that your committee does from organising events, managing finances, match-day preparation and planning and so much more, it’s a lot to put on a volunteer.

Rather than adding the responsibility of navigating the world of sporting grants, why not make things a bit easier for the committee members to allow them to focus on tasks they can add move value to? Sports grant writers know the landscape when it comes to grants, and they know how to put forward a strong application on your organisation’s behalf.


Our team of Sports grant writers only charge if successful

You’re probably wondering how much this all costs. Surely Grant Professionals doesn’t just do everything for free? Well, in a sense, we do! If we submit a grant application on behalf of your sporting club or organisation and we’re not successful, you don’t get charged a cent.

If we’re successful, we charge $75 plus 15% of the grant amount won. This is usually capped at a $20,000 grant limit, so if we won a $40,000 grant for you, the charge would still be as though the grant won was $20,000. This is confirmed with you prior to application, depending on the scope of the grant.  Essentially, you have nothing to lose because if we don’t win, you don’t pay. If we win, you do pay, but you’ve also just scored a healthy grant.