How do we charge?

We work on a success fee % basis. That means that you only pay us if the grant application we have submitted on your behalf is successful and based on how much you win. 

If the grant application is unsuccessful you don’t pay anything and we look at reapplying in any subsequent round after obtaining feedback from the grant provider.

Our success fees

For grants up to $20,000, our fees, payable after the grant we have lodged on your behalf has been won, are:

$100 + 15% of the amount won + GST

For grants over $20,000, we will agree the success fees to be charged depending on the work involved for that particular application but generally the fees are the same as if the grant was a $20,000 one

What is included in our fees?

Our fees include the work involved to research which grants are suitable and then writing an appropriate application, if you instruct us to, which involves liaising with the grant provider. If unsuccessful we will usually resubmit an application in any subsequent round if appropriate and if you agree. When successful we will assist with any follow up required paperwork and acquittals / audits.

Are our fees reasonable for the amounts won?

A comparison between our fees, the amount won and the work involved is usually far from precise. To do that we would have to work on a “time charged” model on all grants submitted. Instead we have found that our community clubs much prefer that our fees are based on success and payable only after the grant has been won.  We do the work well before the grant is won and we wear the risk of being unsuccessful, not you. To also be noted that the chances of success increase the greater are the number of applications. So we prefer to lodge as many applications as possible, that have a reasonable chance of success, in order to win as many as possible. So better to have a 80% success rate having lodged 5 applications (4 wins) as compared to having a 100% success rate from having conservatively lodged 2. You will only pay for the successful ones.

Can the grant funds received be used to pay our fees?

Not usually. Some grant providers allow this but usually the 100% of the grant money won must be spent on what has been applied for and not go towards our grant fees.

What is the process for the grant payment to us and your payment work?

When you have won a grant that we have written on your behalf, the grant provider will deposit the funds into your organisation’s bank account for you to spend, usually within 12 months, as applied for. You then pay us from. But usually not from the grant funds as mentioned.

Do we need to meet up?

No, not really, particularly as a result of the new social distancing world we now live in. We have never met most of our 1,200 clubs in person. We interact via phone, email and zoom if required.

How do we get started?

The most effective way is to firstly have an interactive chat so that we can get to know each other a little better. We will clarify anything around how we work. We will then send you our terms in an email. If you could just agree to them via email. There is no need to sign any contracts, etc. At this point you have made no commitment as we are effectively only letting you know about grants as they open. The commitment arises once you request us to apply for a grant on your behalf. At that point you are committing to our success fee in the event the grant application was successful.