Grant writers for Sporting Organisations

Exclusively for Sporting Organisations (Clubs, Leagues/Associations, Officiating groups) across Australia, we:

      • identify grant funding opportunities and
      • write applications on their behalf.

We have applied for and won thousands of grant applications for over 700 Sporting Organisations across 30 sports, amounting to over $9m of grants won to date. Just some of our many successes are shown on this website.

We have a team of grant writers with years of experience, as well as involvement at various levels within community sporting organisations (as committee members, coaches, playing/participating, assisting as parents, etc). A number of more senior staff also have significant financial, project and risk management experience to assist with many of the more complex grant applications. We all enjoy being involved day to day liaising with and helping sporting organisations obtain grant funding.

Why use us?

Years of experience have confirmed that the most visible part of the process i.e. writing grant applications, can take time, be frustrating and require some experience. But where sporting organisations often get it wrong is chasing unwinnable grants. Our experience can assist a sporting organisation to identify the most suitable grants to pursue and therefore avoid wasting valuable time applying for unsuitable / “low chance of success” grants. We are also aware of what will give the application the highest chance of success, having applied for most grants many times before in prior rounds. If our application is unsuccessful, which is usually due to the grant provider simply not having enough money to provide all applicants with funding, we obtain feedback and re-apply in subsequent grant rounds if appropriate, thus achieving a higher chance of success.

We work on a success fee basis

For our services, Grant Professionals charge only if a grant application written on behalf of a Sporting Organisation is successful. We do not charge on the time spent on the process, but instead use a success fee model i.e. $75 per grant application won + 15% of the grant amount awarded (+ GST)all payable only once successful. Our fees are however capped for most grants i.e. If the grant won was greater than $20,000, we would charge as if a $20,000 grant was won. There is no cost to be informed of suitable grants, nor for any advice, nor for any subsequent follow up to help acquit the grant. There is no ongoing commitment. A sporting organisation can choose on a grant by grant basis if they would like to use Grant Professionals to write a grant application on their behalf. Please note that most grant providers do not allow our fees to be paid out of the grant funds received.

So if you would like to join our grants’ mailing list or simply know more about using our services, please contact us here.